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Quality Child Care
Delightful Days Learning Center offers quality child care in a secure, caring environment. Each child at Delightful Days Learning Center is a unique individual. One of the most important goals in educating children at Delightful Days, is to build their self-esteem through activities that developmentally enhance each child’s physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth.
Professional Staff
The staff members of Delightful Days Learning Center are the foundation for implementing our philosophy. Teachers are encouraged to continue professional development by attending in-service training, staff meetings and area conferences.  
Stimulating Programs
Children can explore, make choices, and ultimately succeed; creating a positive image of themselves with the importance of an academic, multifaceted curriculum that highlights music and dance on a weekly basis.
Special Attractions
Delightful Days offers on site dance, computer, music and other special classes and attractions. These activities can enhance each child’s physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth.    
Safe And Secure
Delightful Days provides a child care environment that is safe, clean, and oriented to children’s challenging play. Children are taught self-protective principals. By establishing the rules and explaining them in clear language to children, they can begin to understand correct and incorrect actions.  


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Delightful Days Learning Center – Child Care - Day Care – Dayton, Ohio

Safety Issues

No child is left alone or unsupervised.  Prevention is the best way to promote safety.  Anticipation of possible hazards and taking preventive measures reduces accidents.  Children are taught self-protective principals.  By establishing the rules and explaining them in clear language to children, they can begin to understand correct and incorrect actions.  Staff members have immediate access to a working telephone in the event of an emergency.

The use of any spray aerosols is not permitted when children are in attendance at DDLC

Indoor Gross Motor Play
When inclement weather exists making outside play impossible, The Center will use the attached space of Terre’s Dance Studio for indoor play.

Water Safety
If a child is swimming at DDLC or at an outside facility, we must have written permission from a parent stating the child’s name, if they are a swimmer or non-swimmer, signature, and date of the parent/guardian.  We provide wading pools for 9 months to 5 year olds.  When swimming outside of the Center, the children will be attending Kettering Recreation Center Swimming Pool.  They are staffed with lifeguards at the pool at all times.  Children will wear DDLC wrist bands, teachers have student rosters, and children are split in groups for easier teacher supervision.

Emergency Procedures
Fire, emergency, and weather alert plans are posted in each classroom.  Monthly fire drills will be held and during tornado season (April-July), additional drills will be implemented.

If the Center should be severely damaged or declared unsafe, all children will be evacuated to an emergency shelter where they will await your arrival.  Our emergency shelter is Mr. Al’s office or across the street at the American Legion.  The director will make every attempt to notify you as soon as possible.  A notice will be posted at the Center with information on the alternative site.

Health Issues

All the staff of DDLC receives training in the signs and symptoms of illness and in hand washing and disinfecting procedures.

No DDLC staff will be able to work if they have a suspected case of communicable disease.

The Center will immediately notify the parent or guardian of the child’s condition when a child has been observed with signs or symptoms of illness.

Any child with the following signs or symptoms will be isolated in the Directors Office on a cot, monitored by the Director, until a parent or guardian can pick up the child:

Symptoms observed which require isolation and immediate discharge:  a child with any of the following signs or symptoms of illness shall be immediately isolated and discharged to his parent or guardian or person designated by the parent or guardian:

Temperature of at least one hundred one degrees Fahrenheit when in combination with any other sign or symptom of illness

Diarrhea (three or more abnormally loose stools within a twenty-four hour period)

Severe coughing, causing the child to become red or blue in the face or to make a whooping sound

Difficult or rapid  breathing

Yellowish skin or eyes

Redness or the eye, obvious discharge, matted eyelashes, burning itching

Untreated infected skin patches, unusual spots or rashes

Unusually dark urine and/or gray or white stool

Stiff neck with an elevated temperature

Evidence of untreated lice, scabies, or other parasitic infestations

Sore throat or difficulty in swallowing

Vomiting more than one time or when accompanied by any other sign or symptom of illness

When a child has been diagnosed with a communicable disease, a notice will be posted on the classroom door.  The child will not be admitted back into the Center without a doctor’s release if their absence exceeds more than three days.  There is a communicable disease chart posted in the restroom if there are any questions or concerns about the illness.  The staff is trained in the signs and symptoms of each illness and the procedures to follow concerning disinfecting.

If your child is sent home because of illness, he/she must be free of any of the above symptoms for at lest 24 hours before returning to the Center.  Children who were sent home due to fever, and subsequently diagnosed by their physician as having a fever due to an ear infection or teething, may return the next day either with the appropriate medication, or a doctors note stating the child is not contagious.

Incident/Injury Report
If an injury occurs, the teacher on duty will fill out an Incident Report.  The teacher, director and parent will sign it.  A copy of the report is given to the parent and the original will be kept in the child’s file.

Medical Emergency Procedure
 -  911 will be used in all life threatening injury or illness.

In the event of illness, seizure, broken bones, stopped breathing, and severe bleeding, this is the procedure that will be followed:
 -  One staff member administers First Aid
 -  Second staff member remains with the classroom
 -  Third staff member contacts 911 and parent.  This person also accompanies the child to the hospital with the transport team and remains with the child until the parent arrives.

During non-threatening illness, this procedure will be followed:
 -  One staff member administers First Aid
 -  Second staff member remains with classroom
 -  Third staff member will escort the child to the director’s office and the child will remain with the director until parent arrives

An accident/injury report is completed when there is an accident or injury involving the child.  All information is noted on the report and all witness’s responses.

The emergency medical and transportation forms are kept on file in the administration office.  It is essential that the information is current.  If you have a change at any time, please notify the Center to make the appropriate updates.  Medical changes are the responsibility of the parent.

In the event that a child needs medication, a designated DDLC staff member will administer the medication providing the following criteria is met:
 -  Medication is in its original container.
 -  Current date, dosage, duration of days to be given, and child’s name is on the container.
 -  A medication form must be completed by the parent for over-the-counter medications.  DDLC will follow label instructions for age/weight dosing.  If the label directions say consult a doctor for age/weight dosage, then a doctor’s signature is required on the form.
 -  A signed medication form must be completed by the physician and parent for prescription medications.
 -  Inhalers will be accessible to school age children at the Center and on field trips when the proper medication forms are filled out.

Topical applications such as diaper rash ointment, petroleum jelly, suntan lotion, and insect repellent can be administered with the written consent and instructions of the parent that corresponds to the manufacturers label directions.  The parents must complete a medication form.  The form must be renewed every three months.  Specific treatment such as bee sting reactions, allergies, and asthma must also have a medication form completed.

Modified diet issues such as no dairy products or the use of Pedialyte or Ricealyte are considered a change of diet and require a medical form signed by the physician.  The form must be renewed every three months.

For each medication, a medical form must be completed.  Therefore, if a child has two types of medication, the two forms must be used and completed.

If a child is mildly ill, they may be cared for within the child’s group.,  A mildly ill child would be one with symptoms of a common cold or a child that does not feel will enough to participate in activities.  If at any time the child’s condition worsens, the parent would be notified for immediate pick up.

Children will be transported to and from school and field trips by our two thirteen-passenger vans and/or one suburban that seats seven children.  All Children must have signed permission slips as well as emergency transportation forms in all vehicles.  Children are required to have seat belts on at all times and to sit in their seats until we reach the destination.  In case of emergency, 911 will be called.

When on field trips, DDLC provides each child with t-shirts or wrist bands with the DDLC address and phone number on them.  Teachers have rosters in hand and split the children into groups per teacher.  Children are counted when leaving the Center, during the field trips and when arriving back at the Center.

Child Abuse
If at any time the director or any staff member suspects that any child in their care has been violated either by abuse or neglect, It must be reported to the appropriate child protective services.

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